original limited edition prints by Canadian artist, Wendy Skog

on archival papers and metal plate.

fine art limited Edition print: ON VACATION
Tale of Brighter Shades pigment ink on metal
16 x 20 in. limited edition print © W. Skog

What is an original artist's print?

Artist prints are unique and original artworks. The artwork itself has been personally created and rendered by the artist from original conception to final execution, and is NOT a reproduction of an artwork that exists somewhere else in another medium.

Any mass produced commercially printed or giclee reproduction is not an original artist print. Artist prints are printed by the artist in the artist's studio. The smaller the edition, the more valuable it will be. Rarity is key for artist prints. Signed by the artist, numbered, and issued with a certificate of authenticity adds significantly to value. In addition to the traditional relief and intaglio processes there are other quality methods of printmaking known as planographic printing which now include digital created prints. Digital drawing and painting has become an exciting contemporary medium for creating unique, original print editions while preserving the original integrity of traditional fine art prints.All prints on this site are personally created, original and superbly archival artworks, made to last for generations under normal conditions.

Artist Prints are by definition individually produced.

What are Original Limited Edition Prints?

These limited edition fine art prints are genuine artworks, hand rendered digitally and studio printed by the artist. The editions are limited to 10 paper prints or 6 metal prints per image as shown in the print gallery section. Each individual rendering is indeed an ‘original’ print as it has received the artist's individual attention. When the edition is sold out, no more prints of that image will be available. This increases exclusivity and value. Boldly embracing the digital age, the famous English artist, David Hockney, printed digital images created on his iphone and ipad achieving a record sale price of £69,000. See more about how Skog unique prints are made in my studio on the about the prints page.

fine art limited edition print: WATER 
*Images are monitored by a copyright protection service.*
The Water Garden archival pigment ink on sugar cane paper 22 x 28 in. (framed) © W. Skog

The WaterGarden, #2 of an edition of 10, is an example of a purely abstract print. It was created using dozens of layers of digital visual information which were extensively shuffled for a result similar to the sensitivity of my acrylic canvases. It has taken years to learn to create such nuanced, textured, and colorful prints in this unique medium. I sincerely hope you can appreciate them.

What are Archival Prints?

Each print on this website is printed with archival dye or pigmented inks and printed on a variety of substrates such as archival fine art hand-pressed papers or on aluminum or steel plates. Archival art is as permanent as it gets. The prints will not fade or color-shift and will last for generations. They are safe and stable to museum standards. Perfect accents for home, office or public settings. Great value in original artwork!

collecting prints
from an established artist

Archival artist's prints by well-known Canadian artist, Wendy Skog, explore the representations of nature, visual irony, and classical romanticism using digital media in the artistic and creative response to current world affairs, the information revolution and the accumulation of historical events. These original, aesthetic expressions are a synergistic response to the ever changing technological environment and the depletion of the natural environment. Remarkably, each hand rendered print is an original creation, not merely a reproduction of an artwork, and therefore singularly genuine.

Often the images are rendered as abstract impressions such as the tulips depicted here. Please visit the print gallery to view the entire print portfolio.

fine art limited Edition print: TULIP BLUES
Tulip Blues pigment ink on archival sugar cane paper
17 x 22 in. limited edition print © W. Skog
*Images are monitored by a copyright protection service.*

prints created by Canadian artist W. Skog are genuine, signed digital paintings

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original art has presence and lasting charm

how to be proud of your fine art prints

It is important to differentiate between the prints you buy at the big box stores and the ones made by hand by an artist.

  • Have archival materials been used including pigment inks and quality hand-molded papers?
  • Is the print made by a reputable established artist?
  • Does it come with a certificate of authenticity?
  • Did the artist sign the print with their own hand?
  • Is the edition small enough to potentially increase in value?
  • Has the print been exclusively created and printed in the artist's studio?

The Wendy Skog print originals studio is located in Victoria BC Canada.

Ph: 250-474-7328 Tues. - Sat. noon to 5 pm.

If you would like more information, or if you are an interior designer, art consultant, dealer, or gallery and would like to keep in touch please send me your contact information through the form below. You will receive new print edition images, general studio information and my personally created Flying Colors newsletter before anyone else. (easy to unsubscribe)

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